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Who Am I?

Hi, I'm Blake Edwards. I am a creative, adventurous, and insatiably curious human

I am traveling and improving the world via code and engineering.

I am achieving this dream through my passion for learning and collaboration.

My values




Insatiable Curiosity

What I do?

My expertise

Custom ML/AI

Robust machine learning and artificial intelligence solutions.

Software Development

Tailored, dynamic, and innovative software products.


A unique, diverse, and skilled perspective to achieve your goals.

Interested in working with me? Don't hesitate to reach out.

My Specialty

My Skills






Scki-kit learn





Google Coral Accelerator

Jetson Nano / TX1 / TX2

Jetson Xavier

Amazon Deep Lense

iOS Core ML

Linux, MacOS

Kali Linux





Python (Scapy, Socket, libnmap)

USB Rubber Ducky

Digispark Development Board

Raspberry Pi Zero / Zero-W / 3 / 4

Wifi Pineapple

NGINX & Apache


Google Firebase & MongoDB









Linux, MacOS, Windows

Android & Wear OS Application Development

React Native Application Development (iOS and Android)

Microsoft Office


Android Studio

Visual Studio Code


Slack & Discord

Google Cloud

Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Digital Ocean

Docker & Kubernetes

Github & Bitbucket


JIRA & Project Libre

DBeaver & MySQLWorkbench

Ubuntu & CentOS

Bash Scripting & Regular Expressions



I am currently studying at the University of South Carolina Honors College and am pursuing a dual Bachelor of Science in computer science and mathematics.

For secondary school I attended Stonington High School.


Work Experience

Research Associate, University of South Carolina Aug 2019 - Present

Researching and developing a novel technique, coined as PaKD Model Compression, for multi-stage compression of deep neural networks through pruning and knowledge distillation.

Almost everyone today uses a smart mobile phone that they carry with them at all times. The ability to run powerful artificial intelligence (AI) technologies on our phones would revolutionize the world and equip mobile devices with an increasing amount of functionality. However, we do not want AI technologies to drain our battery and require us to charge our phones multiple times per day in order to run them. Our project will reduce the work needed to run AI technologies and enable them to be run on devices constrained by battery, power, and storage, like our mobile phones.

Software Engineer, Voxion May 2019 - Present

Developed machine learning algorithms to intelligently map user requests to intent handling logic within voice applications, generated by Voxion, for the Google Home and Amazon Alexa platforms.

Intern, Swampfox Technologies Jan 2019 - May 2019

Evaluated Spring REST and SOAP API security (via penetration and stress testing), explored AI/ML for optimizing customer call back time estimation, and developed a custom OAuth2 authentication system to protect the REST web application API and integrate with existing customer SSO solutions.

Research Assistant, University of South Carolina Sep 2018 - May 2019

Used smart watch technology and artificial intelligence to perform activity recognition. Lead a team to create a standalone sensor collection and gesture classification application for a Wear OS watch. This application was optimized for long running operation and was successfully able to collect accelerometer data at 25 hz for 14 hours and run an artificial neural network to analyze the data and detect smoking gestures. Additionally, developed a companion Android mobile phone application to receive collected watch data over Bluetooth and transmit the data to Google Firestore and a hosted LAMP server. This application is in the process of deployment to participants in a smoking study at the Arnold School of Public Health at the University of South Carolina.

Business Technology Scholar, Pfizer Jun 2018 - Aug 2018

- Organized and conducted meetings to quantify the value of past software solutions provided by the Fast-track Team
- Developed a custom SharePoint site for the team
- Designed new front end components, styling, and wrote JavaScript that have become part of the team’s toolset
- Queried, manipulated, and aggregated data from a Microsoft Access database
- Created a MySQL database and imported the aggregated data for our web application
- Authored a data access object (DAO) to perform CRUD operations on the MySQL database
- Created and tested RESTful API endpoints
- Dynamically generated and returned multiple types of zipped Excel financial reports from JSON objects received via API endpoints
- Remediated multiple development problems and saved valuable time
- Communicated and coordinated with an AGILE software engineering team and project manager

Individual Exploration 2012-2018

I have always been an insatiably curious person that loves to learn. From 2012 to 2018 I absorbed everything I could about computers through reading books, research papers, blogs, YouTube, online documentation, MOOCs, Github, and the MIT Splash Program.